MHG joins hands to build a "Shelter of Love" for disadvantaged women

Bright day 10/6, joint stock company, consortium Hanh (MHG), in cooperation with The women's Union city, Ha Noi awarded meaningful gifts support for the disadvantaged in Quoc Oai district, Ha Noi.

Hand building “friendship” is one of the volunteer activities are the leader Board corporation corporations Hanh special interest. With his contributions, MHG would like to help support the family, especially sisters, women are disadvantaged get where residential security stability.

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Share your feelings, at the meeting, the representative of the family said extremely touched by the affection, the attention of The women's Union city, Ha Noi and company MHG. Thanks to the support of the industry and business, the family will have a warm firmer, more assured to stabilize and build life.

Pham Hanh, chairman of the company, MHG said, MHG want to join hands to support the difficult part for the family. This is the work not only expresses the social responsibility of business, but also contribute to spread positive values with the spirit of solidarity for the community.

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Earlier, MHG also companion in many programs such as “The heart” awarded gifts practical support for the orphaned children are disadvantaged in thuong Tin district, Ha Noi city. With contributions to the community, president MHG Pham Hanh has been honored with a noble title as “Vietnamese Women entrepreneurs of the year 2019”, “Cup yellow roses” and is the Party committees, governments, unions noted dedication, effort and goodwill for social activities.

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